Kilroy Event

What is Kilroy?

Did you ever wonder why there is sudden influx of censorship online, on the subway, in casual conversation with friends? Did you ever wonder why we hear "You can't say that!" more now than ever??

Inspired by the famous oration "A Plea for Free Speech" by Frederick Douglass, the Kilroy Event is an international free speech advocacy conference, focused on exploring the social, academic, political and legal intersections of free speech and censorship, with an emphasis on protecting our constitutionally enshrined rights.

We bring together speakers and panelists from professionals, politicians, academics, authors, online personalities, political and religious dissidents as well as entertainers, to bring you a well-rounded and informative view of this new wave of censorship, its causes, its effects and the needed tools to preserve and protect our right to our free speech.

We invite you to join us in a celebration of free speech, free inquiry and the freedom to disagree and argue, both at our conference and in our lives, every day.

This event is taking place in Phoenix, Arizona on the 21st & 22nd of April 2018. The Kilroy Event is raising funds to support our first annual free speech conference!

Refunds for rewards advanced purchases will no longer be honored as of 2/16/18