Kilroy Event

Kilroy Event

An event for free speech with no trigger warnings

Kilroy 2018 was an amazing success

Kilroy 2018 was an amazing success!!! Let's get ready for 2019

Watch what a few of the panelists discussed for the attendees. 

Honored Guests

Look who is already coming in 2019

Honored Guests

Honored Guests
Christina Hoff Somers
Clay Routledge
Peter Boghossian
Roaming Millenial

Honored Guests

Featured Speakers
Clay Routledge
Brian Edward
Decadent Perspective
Dmitry Krivochenitser
Sean Fracek
Joachin Machado
Matt Jarbo
Michael Guthrie
Nicholas Goroff
Rubber Dorky
Rucka Rucka Ali
Zarathustra's Serpent

Honored Guests

Featured Speakers
Arthur Rhetorical Entertainment
Count Dankula

"I saw people from disparate backgrounds, and with massively different points of view, cordially contrasting their ideas and defending their right to do so, free from regulation by corporations or State actors."

"Kilroy is the manifestation of this very important phenomenon: it is regular people getting together to have a voice in defense of freedom of speech during an era of creeping censorship."

- Joaquin Machado, Venezuela

"I want to thank everyone who spoke at or visited Kilroy 2018 for being that voice in the wilderness that can save everything that makes freedom, as well as personal and societal liberty, the only way not to succumb to tyranny and violence."

"thank you for fighting for the only things that are worth fighting for: freedom and liberty! And it all stems from the right not to be censored."

- Tim, Denmark