Kilroy Event

Kilroy Event

An event for free speech with no trigger warnings

Kilroy Event Disclaimer

Kilroy Code of Conduct

The Kilroy Event is a private event and people who mistreat or disrespect other people will be removed and not allowed for the duration of the event. The Kilroy Event reserves the right to permanently ban attendees and guests who do not comply with the code of conduct, including any future events.

By purchasing a Kilroy Event Pass, you hereby agree to the following:


Kilroy Event Badges are required for attendance to all official Kilroy events. Badges must be worn and visible at all times. Badges are non transferable.
All activities are monitored by the Fire Marshall and no room shall exceed capacity at any time.

Meet & Greet breakfast and VIP party have limited capacity and your Kilroy badge does not guarantee any autographs or photos.

Guest Speakers

The Speakers who participate in The Kilroy Event are of course excited to meet attendees, however we ask that you be respectful. Please do not run at or crowd around Guest Speakers.

Please do not follow them to their rooms or wait for them in the hotel lobby, or attempt to follow them outside of the hotel. Any violation of this code will result in immediate and permanent ejection from The Kilroy Event.


Disorderly conduct includes any behavior that is disruptive, illegal or deemed unsafe by hotel staff or Kilroy Event Staff. The Kilroy Event reserves the right to eject any attendees or guests who violate any laws or hotel policies, and ban them from Kilroy Event in perpetuity.

Comply with all staff instructions

All Kilroy Event attendees and badge purchasers must adhere to the instructions of all Kilroy Event employees and agents, all security employees and agents, the staff of the hotel, and any and all law enforcement personnel.


Backpacks and other similar containers are subject to search and may be prohibited. Unlawful sale or attempted sale of Kilroy Event passes will result in the revocation of that pass without refund.

Image Release

Kilroy Event may be recorded or reproduced by Kilroy Event LLC, its designees, and/or attending participants. By registering to be in attendance at the Kilroy Event, you hereby authorize the Kilroy Event, its designees, and/or attending participants to record, transcribe, modify, reproduce, perform, display, transmit and distribute in any form and for any purpose any such recordings of the Kilroy Event. By registering for the Kilroy Event, you hereby release the Kilroy Event, its designees, and/or its attending participants from any and all claims it or its employees or agents may possess, now or in the future, in connection with such activities.


The Kilroy Event is NOT intended for the participation of minors.
Minors will not be permitted to attend the Kilroy Event without specially written permission from Organizers of the Kilroy Event.


You assume any and all risks occurring before, during, or after the Kilroy Event. You release the Kilroy Event and the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa and their agents, licensees, assignees, and their respective affiliates and representatives from any related claims.

Kilroy Event terms of use

All attendees and guests are required to adhere to this Code of Conduct. the Kilroy Event or its designees may, without refund, revoke passes for noncompliance with these terms or for disorderly conduct.