Kilroy Event
Honored Guests
Christina Hoff Summers
Clay Routledge
Peter Boghossian
Roaming MillenialRoaming MillenialRoaming Millenial
Sart Rowe
Honored Guests
Brian Edward
Bunty KingBunty King
Clayton Muirhead
Decadent Perspective
Dmitry Krivochenitser
Sean Fracek
Joachin Machado
Matt JarboMatt JarboMatt Jarbo
Nicholas Goroff
Rubber DorkyRubber Dorky
Rucka Rucka Ali
Zarathustra's Serpent
Honored Guests

These speakers will present via multimedia participation

Arthur Rhetorical Entertainment
Count Dankula

These are just some of the Featured Speakers attending Kilroy 2018, this list is subject to change.

* Compensation Disclosure: All speakers are compensated for their appearances in varying material and non-material fashions. As necessary, professional speakers and/or public speakers with representative requirements will be compensated as per industry norms.
No speakers are being compensated in any way, shape or form to promote, disseminate or represent Kilroy to any market or the public at large.